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If you are a renter who has been evicted from your apartment, a landlord dealing with a difficult tenant over a nonpayment issue or are simply confused about your rights and responsibilities when a landlord-tenant dispute arises, you need quality legal representation that gets results. And you need it now.

In Medford, Ashland and surrounding cities and Oregon counties, the lawyer who helps you to know your rights and responsibilities — and can counsel or advocate toward a solution of your landlord-tenant legal issue — is Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law.

Landlord-tenant law can be extremely complex, depending on the disagreement. A tenant may be refusing to pay rent because of the condition of a house or apartment. A landlord may be unaware of his or her obligations for repairs to, or maintenance of, a residence — or confused on how to gain entry to a home or issue a notice to a tenant.

As your lawyer, Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law helps you to move past the emotion of the moment, provides clear explanations and charts strategies that work toward practical, lasting resolutions. He is a problem-solving attorney whose years of experience, attention to detail and keen client focus serve to protect your rights and advance your goals.

Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law proactively assists you in avoiding any traps and pitfalls. His experience has helped many clients to win cases on technical rules, and to protect them against losses. From start to finish of your association with him, his keen focus, poise and professionalism puts you at ease and brings you peace of mind. He assures that you have the facts you need, that can lead to sound decisions.

Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law Wants You to Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Our attorney can serve as counselor and advocate for legal situations that include:

  • Tenant complaints about landlord inattention to defects or malfunctions at a residence, lack of repairs or maintenance, unlawful entry or landlord harassment and retaliation in response to a complaint
  • Rental agreements, as they relate to pet issues, security deposit returns or medical marijuana issues
  • A landlord’s right to protect property and ensure payment of rent
  • Habitable conditions of a property and home
  • Draft and review of commercial lease agreements
  • Lease disputes and litigation
  • Multi-unit residential property lease agreements and disputes

Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law listens intently to every detail of your legal problem, gleans the essential facts he needs to begin working on your behalf and identifies obligations of both landlord and tenant. He uses results of his investigation to expedite an amicable settlement and avoid costly, lengthy litigation.

Your landlord-tenant case may already be in court — a landlord or tenant has already filed and a first appearance has been scheduled. If you are unclear on proper preparation for court, or are weighing the impact of losing a case vs. the amount of any claim, Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law can help.

Landlord-tenant law differs from state to state. You can trust Jeffrey W. Foxx, Attorney at Law‘s total command of the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (ORLTA), his decades of experience and attentive personal service to offer your best chance of success. Contact his Medford law office today to arrange your initial consultation.

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